The primary purpose of the ATA Carnet is to give an acceptable guarantee to the Customs of a foreign country into which the goods are temporarily imported that all duties, taxes, etc. will be paid to them if the conditions under which they allow these goods into their country are breached. This security should be for a sum equivalent to 100% of the value of the goods, plus, a further 10% of that amount. The Issuing Authority reserves the right to fix the amount of the security in the light of individual cases.

The security must be given in one of the following forms:
  • Cash (MOP$10000 max.)
  • Bank cheque
  • Bank guarantee

All such provisions of security, whether by cash or guarantee, are required to be valid for a minimum of 33 months from the date of issue of the ATA Carnet.

If an ATA Carnet is returned to the Issuing Authority after use, and found to be in order, a “conditional discharge” may, at the Chamber’s discretion, be given and the deposit/guarantee will be returned within a short time.