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Third Anniversary and Operation Commencement Ceremony of Changzhou World Trade Center

    Mr Alberto Marçal, President of the Executive Committee of WTCM, attended the Third Anniversary and Operation Commencement Ceremony of Changzhou World Trade Center on behalf of the World Trade Center Association and the WTCM on January 8.

Mr Marçal stated in his speech that the completion of Changzhou World Trade Center Twin Towers marks an important progress of the Changzhou WTC. He believes that the new twin buildings, which provide with a variety of world-class services and facilities, will be the gateway for enterprises in Changzhou to access to the world trade platform. Aligned with the principle of the association on promoting peace and stability through trade activities, it will also give rise to more business opportunities for enterprises in Changzhou.

To conclude his speech, Mr Marçal expressed the best wishes to the Changzhou WTC on behalf of Mr Guy F. Tozzoli, President of World Trade Centers Association, looking forward to enhancing communication and cooperation between Changzhou and Macau.


Delegation to visit arbitration bodies in Hong Kong

    A delegation of three members led by Vitor Ng, President of the General Council of WTCM's Arbitration Center, visited Hong Kong Mediation Centre (HKMC), Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) and Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (HKIArb) on May 3. They were received by the persons-in-charge of the three professional bodies.

During the visit, the delegation was briefed in detail the functions and work of the HKMC and had also the opportunity to get a better understanding of the facilities of the HKIAC, its specific technical negotiation and accreditation, as well as the implementation of arbitration. Lastly, the delegation met with the representatives from the HKIArb for further discussion on the development of arbitration system and cooperation between both parties.


2010 China (Greater China) World Trade Centers Joint Conference

    Mr Alberto Marçal, President of the Executive Committee of WTCM, attended the 2010 China (Greater China) World Trade Centers Joint Conference, which was organized by the World Trade Centre-Hong Kong International Airport on April 23-24.

With the theme "Exchange, Cooperation and Goes Global", the joint conference aims to promote exchange and cooperation among all world trade centres in the Greater China region. WTC members from different parts of China also actively participated in this international event.

The joint conference officially commenced after the opening speech of Mr Song Hoi See, CEO of the hosting World Trade Centre-Hong Kong International Airport. At the event, Mr Chen Mai, General Manager of Wuxi WTC reported on the future development plan of the Great China, followed by the host's proposed election of members and secretary general for the Great China Working Committee. The WTC representatives from various regions of China then briefed the conference on their future development plans respectively.

Finally, the topics on enhancing exchange and cooperation in Great China region, participation in the WTC General Assembly to be held in Beijing this October, and the role played by the Shanghai World Expo were discussed.


WTC Macau attends WTCA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in Mumbai

    WTC Macau President Alberto Marçal attended the World Trade Center Association (WTCA) Asia Pacific Regional Meeting which took place in Mumbai on January 20-22, 2010.

Apart from Macau, the representatives from other sister cities including Abuja, Bangalore, Chitagong, Delhi, Doha, Halifax, Osaka, Pescara and Taipei also took the opportunity to brief the meeting on their latest development and future plans.

Mr Richard Dandrea, the Director of Business Development and Technology of WTCA, made a presentation on the recent activities of WTCA headquarters, and introduced to the participants the assistance and support provided to their members in developing trade services and facilities.


World Trade Center Macau Acrivities
ATA Carnet System to be implemented from November 2010

    An agreement was signed on August 18, 2010 between the World Trade Center Macau (WTCM) and the Macao Chamber of Commerce (ACM) to officially appoint WTCM as the authority to issue ATA Carnets in the Macau SAR effective from November 2010. The signing ceremony was attended by the President and Managing Director of WTCM Executive Committee Mr Alberto Marçal, Executive Director of WTCM Mr Peter Lam, President of ACM Mr Hoi Sai Iun, and Vice-President Mr Vong Kok Seng.

Mr Hoi stated at the signing ceremony that, with the synergy between WTCM and ACM and with the support of the Macau Customs Service, the ATA Carnet System will definitely be successfully implemented in Macau. This will further promote external relations, exchange and cooperation, thus creating favourable conditions for the development of Macau's conference, exhibition and creative industries.

To facilitate the operation of the ATA Carnet System, Ms Li Ru-song, Asian Regional Head of the International Chamber of Commerce, came to Macau to host a workshop from August 24-26 for representatives from ACM, WTCM and Macau Customs. The workshop provided a detailed introduction to the ATA Carnet System, and practical training to relevant personnel to ensure the smooth implementation of the system.



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