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    In collaboration with Macau's four major trade business associations, namely the Industrial Association of Macau, Macau Importers & Exporters Association, Association of Knitting & Spinning Industry of Macau and Macau Shipper's Association and with the sponsorship of the Macau Foundation, the World Trade Center Macau held a seminar on "U.S. Container Security Initiative (CSI) and Shipper's Liability" on February 12, 2003.

   Mr. Alberto Marçal, President of WTC Macau, stressed, "Since the bulk of Macau's exports are shipped to the United States of America through Hong Kong, the Container Security Initiative will certainly have a direct impact on Macau. I hope today's seminar will give you all a better understanding of the major elements of the CSI and, most importantly, what are the additional liabilities or responsibilites of all parties, directly or indirectly, involved in the globeal maritime trade."

   With regard to the seminar, the guest speakers, Mr. Michael J. Honnold, Consul for Economics from the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong, Mr. Thomas Howe, Senior Customs Representative of the U.S. Customs Service in Hong Kong, and Mr. John Bowe,Vice-President and Managing Director of Hong Kong and South-China from American President Lines (APL), all clearly focused the participants' attention on the seminar's objective by explaining the major 14 points of the CSI 24 hours manifest rule.

   Mr. John Bowe and his executives from American President Lines explained how a carrier helps shippers to follow the 24 hours manifest rule.

   About 350 attendants attended the seminar, including many WTC Members, representatives and members of four business associations, government officials, shipping companies, as well as top business and financial sector representatives.



The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade / China Chamber of International Commerce Conciliation Centre (CCPIT/CCOIC Conciliation Centre) and the World Trade Center Macau's Voluntary Arbitration Center signed a cooperation agreement on December 16, 2002, to establish a joint conciliation center (China/Macau Conciliation Center) for the resolution of potential commercial disputes.

   The protocol was signed by WTC Macau President, Mr. Alberto Marçl, and the Vice-President and Secretary-General of CCPIT/CCOIC Conciliation Centre, Mr. Huang He. More than one hundred people attended the signing ceremony, including the Macau SAR Secretary for Economy and Finance, Mr. Francis Tam Pak-Yuen, representatives from CCPIT/CCOIC Conciliation Centre and Legal Affairs Department and CCPIT/CCOIC (H.K.) Representative Office, the President and members of the WTC Macau's Board of Directors, members of WTC Macau Executive Committee, Macau SAR Government officials, conciliators of the WTC Macau, and WTCM members.

   The China/Macau Conciliation Center is headed by Mr. Liu Wenjie (President), Mr. Vitor Ng Wing-Lok (VicePresident), Mr. José Pereira Coutinho (Secretary-General) and Mr. Huang He (Vice Secretary-General).

   The panel of conciliators consists of representatives of renowned business and professional associations in Macau, will strictly follow international standards and adhere to the principle of fairness and reasonableness, as a means of solving business disputes to assist in reaching amicable settlements.

   Mr. Vitor Ng Wing-Lok, who concurrently holds the positions of President of the WTC Macau's Voluntary Arbitration Center, Vice- Chairman of the WTCM's Board of Directors and member of the WTC Executive Committee, said in his opening remarks, "As the different legal systems and numerous other reasons may lead to arguments and commercial disputes, these may, in turn, be brought to the attention of the general public, thereby causing concern. Therefore, the China/Macau Conciliation Center will introduce a comprehensive mediation system that advocates honesty and open discussion, leading to impartial and amicable problem-solving."

   The Vice-President of the CCPIT/CCOIC and President of CCPIT/CCOIC Conciliation Centre, Mr. Liu Wenjie, stated that "Macau has unique advantages in geography and qualified human resources. Thus, we can see that the joint conciliation center constitutes a very good foundation that it is composed of people from governmental organisations, universities, law firms, etc., both from the mainland and Macau, with a wide range of talent and abundance of capable people."



  The 20th General Assembly of the WTC Macau was held on 10 April, 2003. The Assembly chaired by Mr. Liu Chak-Wan, Vice- President of the General Assembly, unanimously approved the financial statements of the fiscal year of 2002 as well as the activities plan for 2003 .In the reporting period, the WTC Macau enjoyed a significant improvement on its business, despite fierce competition in some key sectors.

    In line with the developments of last year, one of the main goals in 2003 is to promote the "WTC Macau Voluntary Arbitration Center" locally and worldwide, particularly in the Portuguese-speaking countries, and further develop co-operation with other arbitration centers. Additionally, the WTC Macau will upgrade its facilities in order to meet the ever increasing challenges of the market.

   Furthermore, the WTC Macau will also continue to focus its efforts on supporting local enterprises by offering a wide range of trade-related services and developing new business opportunities overseas, and will also join hands with other official bodies and private entities by organising seminars and other types of activities.


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