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   The World Trade Center Macau and the United States Consulate-General accredited in Hong Kong and Macau held the first "American Day in Macau" at the World Trade Center Macau on March 29-31.

    The American Day at the WTC Macau included American Citizens Services and a multi-product catalogue exhibition by the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service and Agricultural Service at the WTC Trade Gallery on March 29-31. The highlight of the event was a speech by United States Consul-General Michael Klosson at the WTC Macau Lotus Room on March 31.

    More than 300 companies attended the catalogue show and around 250 local and foreign businessmen, community leaders and government officials listened to Mr Klosson's speech. Prior to the speech, WTC Macau President António Leça gave a briefing on historical relation between Macau and the United States.

    Mr Klosson said in his speech on "the United States and Macau: Looking To The Future," that the U.S. "seeks to build on our excellent relations with the new government of Macau, to expand bilateral co-operation, and to promote opportunities for U.S. trade and investment."

    "We will do what we can to support Macau's unique character and prosperity under the 'one country, two systems' arrangement," the career diplomat said.

    The Consul-General also said that "Macau unique character and institutions, and the freedoms you have enjoyed, are to be treasured and thus preserved," adding that he had noticed "a sense of energy, dynamism and determination as Macau's new officials take up their responsibilities."

    Mr Klosson described developments since the establishment of the MSAR on December 20 last year, namely a decline in violent crime and an increase in tourist travel, as "a hopeful beginning" and stressed that the protection and development of fundamental human rights constituted "an important aspect of Macau's unique character and measure of its autonomy."

    "All these (fundamental) rights and civil liberties - their daily exercise and protection - are what has made(Cont.)


   WTC Macau Executive Director Peter Lam has been appointed WTC Macau Chairman of the Board, succeeding Susana Chou who now chairs the Macau Legislative Assembly. The appointment was made during the Annual General Assembly of the WTC Macau on March 31.

    Mr Lam said after the General Assembly that this year the WTC Macau would focus its efforts on the promotion of Macau's international commercial relations, as well as the organisation of a number of international conventions and exhibitions and the further strengthening of its international network system, which currently links local businesses to 330 WTCs in 98 countries and regions.

WTC Macau General Assembly

    The 17th Annual General Assembly, which was held on March 31, approved the 1999 annual report and the programme of activities for 2000. One of this year's main goals is to strengthen the WTC Macau's links with the worldwide WTC Association (WTCA) and actively participate in its meetings and working groups. The WTC Macau will hold a WTCA Regional Meeting later this year. On the other hand, WTCM President António Leça and our new Board Chairman Peter Lam will represent the WTC Macau at the WTCA Spring Meeting in Trieste on April 10-14.

    A new Board of Directors has also been approved by our Annual General Assembly for the period of 2000-2001. Apart from Peter Lam's appointment as our new Chairman of the Board, Joe Tang and Jackson Tsui were appointed Executive Directors of WTC Macau.

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